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Eden Lucas
Full Name Eden Isabel Lucas
Age 31
Current Residence
Physical Attributes
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Height 5ft 7in
Date of Birth
(Earth #29)
24 Oct 1989
Date of Birth
(Earth #1)
24 Oct 1989
Born In Fresno, California
Significant Other

Appears In


Eden was born in Fresno, California, and started to learn the violin aged 8. At age 10, she and her mother left Fresno, and Eden's father, behind to go and live with Eden's grandmother in Oceanside, Oregon. Eden's father had a tendency to see her only as a way to get money or preferential treatment for himself. She lost her college fund to his gambling debts and, despite this, once paid his hospital bill because otherwise his plan was to commit insurance fraud.

Professional Life

Eden played as part of the Oregon Symphony Orchestra on Earth #29. Her ambition was to make concertmaster before the events of Off Track.

Personal Life

Eden is a lesbian and has been aware of her sexuality since her early teens. (see Eden Comes Out).

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