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Lara Parker
Full Name Lara Mae Parker
Age 18
Current Residence
Physical Attributes
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Hazel
Height 5ft 3in
Date of Birth
(Earth #44)
11 Apr 1977
Date of Birth
(Earth #1)
17 Apr 1952
Born In Salina, Kansas

Appears In


Lara Mae Parker was born to Roger and Evelyn Parker and was their third girl. Lara's mother died when Lara was four years old and she was left in the care of her increasingly erratic father and her two sisters, Paige and Samantha. Over time, Roger's grief over his wife's death and his struggles raising three girls alone transformed into alcoholism, and with this came violence. Lara was unaware of this until both of her sisters had left home aged 18, and she was the one taking the abuse.

She has a keen interest in the sciences and is very technically minded.

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