The Nexus

The Nexus was constructed by Izel at an indeterminate point in the past. The intention behind the structure was that it should be a transport hub, connecting places together using metaphysical doors. Each door enters the Nexus in a dedicated room, and each door from the Nexus leaves via a dedicated room.

The facility is extremely large, measuring thirty miles in length and at least two wide, although most of the habitable structure exists in the middle. The following diagram shows what has become known as the Nexus hub.

enter image description here

Living Quarters

There are a total of 1,160 living quarters and guest rooms. Most of this is occupied by the staff of roughly a thousand. Each room has a double bed, a three seater couch, full bathroom, television and access to central entertainment systems as well as access to Nexus computer systems. Each room is roughly 5x5 metres.


There are a number of commissary facilities for the staff and guests, each offering a variety of different things from food to exercise equipment and entertainment.

More information coming soon.


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