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Met Eden in Nexus before boarding the train.
Violinist and sole survivor of a global apocalypse.
Escaped her abusive father and ended up on the train.
Stumbled upon the train in Nexus.
Eden's best friend.
Seized control of the IAIPR to enrich himself.
Leader of the train's crew.
Erstwhile traveling companion of Eden and Alice in Off Track.
Member of the train's crew.
Protagonist of Off Track, and friend to Eden and Lara.
Main character from the Shadowland series
Discovered the Nexus during America's westward expansion.
Discovered the train during America's westward expansion.
Previously in charge of the IAIPR before being side-lined and joining the train.
Father of Ty Harrison, great grandson of Nathaniel Harrison
Megan's younger brother.
The middle sister in the Parker family.
Father to Lara, Paige and Samantha
Previously a resident of Easter Island.
The oldest sister in the Parker family.
Creator of the train, the Nexus and the crew.
Joins the train after meeting Lara.

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